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Solid-liquid mixing forms part of many processes in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries.
INOXPA offers skids that perform different types of solutions as they adapts to requirements of different products (viscosity, concentration, temperature, etc.).
The automation of the unit allows us to control such parameters as the flow, temperature of the liquid product, amount of the added solids, density of the end product, etc. It is also possible to customise recipes for every production plant.

The most common applications are:
Milk standardisation
Incorporation of sugar in soft-drinks production
Incorporation of preservatives and acidulants in the canned foods industry.
Incorporation of ingredients (sugar, magnesium hydroxide, etc.) in production of pharmaceutical syrups.

Принцип работы

The table blender is a compact unit, it consists of a centrifugal pump with a venturi system at the suction side and a hopper with a butterfly valve at the upper part to add solid product to the pumped liquid. In this blender, the suction and ventury system are set horizontally.
The ventury system and the suction of the pump create depression at the base of the hopper. When the valve of the hopper opens, the solids are drawn from the hopper and are totally dissolved when they pass through the casing of the pump.
To achieve the best possible dissolution, it is recommended to recirculate the product (batch production) till all the solid/powder product is suctioned and then, when the solid product is completely incorporated into the liquid product, continue recirculating the product for a while. In some cases, it can be used in-line depending on the solid product to add and the required level of dissolution.

Конструкция и характеристики

Highly flexible for preparation of different types of mixtures.
High efficiency operation to produce different types of end product.
Measuring systems ensure the correct dosing of each ingredient as well as the correct elaboration of the end product
INOXPA components designed according to the food-processing and pharmaceutical standards.
Equipment designed according to GMP biopharmaceutical standards (if required).
Production lines and tanks are prepared for CIP and sanitation.
Designed for CIP and sanitation.
Automatic control allows repeatability in the manufacturing process, reducing the number of errors; it also offers a higher flexibility of manufacturing parameters.



Horizontal blender.
Lobe rotor and / or centrifugal pumps.
Mixing systems (in-line / static / multitooth mixers).
Feeding system for solid ingredients.
Flowmeters, temperature sensors, load cells, density tester, etc.
Heat exchangers (tubular, plate).
Filtration system.
Control system.

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