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The agitation systems with lifting column consist of an agitator unit with the corresponding support arm, and a lifting column incorporating the hydraulic lifting system. The systems are mounted on a support base.

The lifting column is designed to accommodate a standard INOXPA agitator or other standard agitators with a maximum flange size of Ø250 mm.

This system allows exchanging the agitator as a function of the required mixture, avoiding the need for a different agitator for every tank and therefore optimizing production costs.

All common agitator types can be used, e.g. Cowles, mixer, anchor, propeller, blade, etc.

Принцип работы

Depending on the model, the tank is moved to the agitator unit to carry out the mixing or conversely, the agitator unit is moved to the tank.

The lifting system is actuated and the agitator is lifted, allowing the tank to be correctly positioned and centred. To prevent the agitator or the tank from moving during the mixing process, they are secured in position by means of a manual or pneumatic restraint system. The agitator is lowered and is introduced into the tank. The agitator is put into operation using the control panel. When the mixing is complete, the agitator is withdrawn from the tank and released from the restraint system.

Конструкция и характеристики

The lifting system moves the agitator vertically up or down to facilitate its insertion into and extraction from the tank. It uses a hydraulic system with a 1000 mm stroke cylinder The hydraulic pump, located in the rear part of the column, can be manually or electrically operated. It incorporates a hydraulic safety system. The lifting speed is 0.2 m/s. It is also available with an electrically driven mechanical lifting system.

All versions and options are CE certified. The unit always includes a retractable tubular protective cover for the agitator shaft and electric position and priority detectors.

As standard, the lifting system is equipped with a joint that allows the agitator to be inclined, if necessary. The inclination is restricted to predetermined fixed points, where the shaft is locked in position to ensure safe operation of the agitator.


A series of accessories have been designed to facilitate working with this system and enhance its safety:

- A manually operated pneumatic restraint system for the tanks. This system can be replaced by one based on straps and hooks.

- A flat lid for the tank incorporating a lifting and lowering system by means of manually operated pneumatic pistons. The agitator will not work when the lid is open or when the position sensors detect that the tank is in the wrong position. To facilitate the manual addition of products, the lid incorporates a port with a cover and a grid, which allows adding the product but prevents putting a hand through it. It also features a retractable tubular protective cover for the agitator shaft.


Parts not in contact with the product: AISI 304 (EN 14301)
Parts not in contact with the product: Matt finish
Hydraulic system: White epoxy painted

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